Sometimes in life you have to make drastic changes, and here is my story of how I did just this.

I grew up and lived most of my life in Manitoba.  On August 22, 2014 I moved to Prince Edward Island (along with my husband and two children).  So many people have asked us why did you move to PEI, well here is why …

As per the typical married couple, we strived to get a bigger house, a higher paying job, a fancy title … but what we found out after achieving all this, was that the amount of stress and debt that came with it, is not worth it (at least for us)!  We had it all, and then we found ourselves still not happy.  It was time to reevaluate our lives, and what we decided was that we needed to “simplify” our lives.  We talked about getting a smaller house, but could never figure out how that would exactly work out, we talked about moving to the country and growing a garden and being self-sufficient, we talked, and talked and talked, but did nothing.

After much discussion, we came up with a list of everything we wanted and needed.  Where we were living just didn’t fit anymore, there were minimal jobs and the cost of housing and property taxes were extremely high.  If we were going to make a go of things, we decided we had to move.  After looking at different provinces in Canada, we finally decided on Prince Edward Island.  We had actually been there the summer before, the cost of housing was low, it was peaceful and being surrounded by the ocean and breathtaking scenery was just what the doctor ordered.

So, we told the kids (not so much fun), put the house on the market, and started to “simplify” our lives by getting rid of extra stuff.  Eventually the house sold, we packed up, and we hit the road.  After seven (very painful) days, we finally arrived at the acreage we had bought.  We were here, we were happy, but how was life going to change?  Well that is what this blog is about.

Conclusion … Sometimes in life you have to make drastic changes in order to find yourself, your path in life, and of course what you will be when you grow up!




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