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Garden Carrots Pic


I would say that I would fall somewhere between a Beginner and an Intermediate when it comes to gardening.  Growing up, I always remember Mom and Dad having a garden of some kind.  Though sometimes the garden was not very big, it was always a treat to get garden fresh veggies!  I wish my children could appreciate this, and maybe they will with the garden we are planting this year!

I always helped to plant the garden, weed the garden, weed the garden, weed the garden (was never ending), and harvesting.  So I have some basics, but definitely need to build on my knowledge and experience.

This year we are planting a garden of our own.  I tried once before when I first got married, but it was not well planned out, poor soil conditions and too much shade!  Okay, so I have learnt that I need a spot that has more sunlight, and to make sure that the soil in rich in nutrients.  See I guess I do learn from my mistakes!


Garden Lettuce Pic


Our acreage is on a sloping hill, so I am trying to plan a good spot that will be somewhat level, and will get enough sun light.  You see, I have a forest (literally) surrounding my home!  I hate to cut down trees, but may be forced to clear some for the greater good.  No worries, the wood will not be wasted (fire wood, building materials, carving, etc).  I am thinking my front yard may be the best option, though a Northern exposure, it is the sunniest spot in my yard (which is like 2 acres).  I have been advised by my parents to watch the area to make sure it gets at least 8 hours of sun light.  So as the snow goes away (which can be any time now!), I will start watching the area I’m contemplating to make sure there will be enough hours of sunlight.

I am thinking a type of tiered garden, with raised garden beds, so that it does not get washed down the hill side with the rain.  I will use the fallen trees in my forest to use as the sides of my raised garden, and stack them as if building a log cabin.  What I need to do still is decide how big I should make the tiers, the spacing between them, and ultimately how much room I will need to plant everything on my list.


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So on this snowy February day, I pull out the seed catalogues that I have ordered, get out my gardening books, and I even search out a few topics on Pinterest!  With paper and pencil in hand, I started my list with what I want to grow.  I started with the regular potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, etc. then added a few special things I would like to try, and some herbs.  Then I ask my son what he wants (he is the fruit and veggie kid in our home), he lists what he would like (watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, etc), so I add them to the list.  Then I ask my daughter, she states she would like donuts and cupcakes (she is the candy kid in our home), I did not add this to my list.  I could ask my husband, but pretty sure he will just say whatever I want, or that he doesn’t know!

As my list grows, I think back to when I was a kid, and how I would watch my mom pouring over the seed catalogues, going through them over and over, making lists, and then finally putting in her final order.  I thought she was bonkers, guess that is what I am now!  Funny how life changes your perspective on things!


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So I have the basic list of what I want; now I need to decide on the varieties to grow.  This I find the hardest, there are so many different kinds, which one is the best?  I am anti GMO for sure, as I just feel there are certain things that you just do not mess with, and nature is one of them!  Hybrid seeds, not 100% sure on those.  So I am leaning towards the Heirloom or Organic varieties.  Hoping this will narrow my list.  And also if I go with the Heirloom seeds, I can harvest some of the seeds to grow year after year.  You cannot do this with Hybrid seeds.


Seed catalogues


While I sit here sipping on my herbal tea, looking out the window to see a winter wonderland, I will continue to work on my list, and check it twice!  Stay tuned to see what I decide to grow this year, and how my plans for my garden develop.

Vintage vegetable images from The Graphics Fairy.